Kevin Davis
Operating Partner

Kevin Davis


Ship Rock Capital - Founder
Performance Sports Group - CEO + President
Bauer Hockey - COO + CFO
Pathway Medical Technologies - CFO

I'm a relentless advocate for ensuring a positive team culture. I've spent my time as an executive at businesses in every stage of growth, from start-ups to large multi-national organizations, and publicly traded companies. As CEO of Performance Sports Group, I led the company from a small Nike subsidiary (Bauer-Nike Hockey) to it's eventual IPO. The amazing PSG leadership team purchased 7 add-on acquisitions to the core hockey business to form PSG, where we significantly grew our global hockey business to new leadership levels in every category, and expanded our footprint into new sports.

Each of these companies had one thing in common that made us thrive: our positive, team-centric culture. It enabled us to win big, rally during crisis situations, and build something where everyone felt a part of the success and proud of our accomplishments.

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