Invest in People


The Formula

Entrepreneurial Operators


Cash Flowing Business


Patient Capital


SPUR bridges the gap between the three critical ingredients,   i) business owners seeking liquidity, ii) entrepreneurial operators, and iii) patient investors



Investors: want more direct investments?

Leaders and Builders: want to control your future?


sound business + smart capital + relentless execution

purposeful wealth creation

Power to the People

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Finding future CEOs is our job.  Our mission is to enable their success.

What it Takes

Years of hard work.  To find one CEO, we receive hundreds of applicants, exchange 1,000+ emails, conduct hundreds of calls, dozens of interviews, planes, trains and automobiles.


Purpose: we seek meaningful work through lifelong relationships with exceptional individuals.  Life is too short to settle on anything less.

Profit: We make money if they succeed, we lose money if they don't.


What We Do

Invest in People


Everyone says it, SPUR lives it. It's literally all we do.

We engage and support entrepreneurial operators in their search for a healthy, profitable business to acquire and grow.  

Trained by industrial psychologists, the SPUR team meets with hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking to become CEO via acquisition.  We assess and engage only a few of the best.



Produce Direct Investments


SPUR built a racecar for originating opportunities, our operator drives, the SPUR team is the pit crew.

Investors with deep expertise and brilliant minds are everywhere.  We're not trying to compete with them.  We want to work directly alongside seasoned investors on each deal. Each investor brings unique perspective in addition to capital, providing diverse experience and opinions that improves our decision making and outcomes.




Get Paid for Performance


SPUR is not a broker, investment banker, executive recruiter, or private equity fund.  Don't try to put us in a "box".  We like it better outside the box.  We are SPUR Acquisitions, and as far as we know, there is no other firm like ours in the world.

We earn a small piece of equity in each acquired company commensurate with our efforts and value. We don't rely on the typical fee structures of intermediaries.  Over 90% of  our compensation depends on the performance of the operators and the companies they buy.  This ensures that all stakeholders are aligned.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking to buy and run a business?