FOunder & Managing Partner
Drew Gottenborg

Drew founded Spur and is responsible for all aspects of the firm, with a focus on operations, finance, and managing the internal and external resources of the firm.

Prior to founding Spur, Drew was an investment banker at George K. Baum & Company where he founded the Renewable Energy division. He also held executive and advisory roles at venture-backed renewable energy companies.

Drew loves to ski, climb, fly fish, and ride his motorcycle. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Emily, three young energetic kids, and Bernese mountain dog Bruiser.
"I set out on a personal mission to partner with people who I respect, admire, and enjoy. I then had to create opportunities worthy of the partners I sought. That's when I came up with the idea for Spur."

In 2016, I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. I had broken two of Charlie Munger’s three rules for a successful career (I’ll get back to the third rule below): work only with people you enjoy and don’t work for anyone you don’t respect and admire. So I set out on a personal mission to partner with people whom I respect, admire and enjoy. I then had to create opportunities worthy of the partners I sought. That’s when I came up with the idea for Spur.

Spur partners with exceptional leaders and we work as a team to identify, acquire, and grow the best private businesses. We seek to unleash the potential in ourselves, our teams and our companies; creating prosperity and purpose throughout the process. To me, there is no more ambitious, humbling, or inspiring mission.

Why partner with Spur?

We will do whatever it takes to be successful. In my career, I’ve been fortunate to see success and failure, have worked with great people and some not-so-great. But the most memorable and rewarding experiences I have had have come through adversity.

In 2004 I had successfully realized a dream of standing atop the 20,308’ summit of Alaska's Denali. Later that night, our team was nearing the end of a 14 hour descent from the 16,000 ft High Camp, descending down Motorcycle Hill to set up camp for our last night on the mountain.

It was the fourteenth day of the expedition, the emotional highs of summit day had faded; everyone was cold, wet, hungry, and exhausted. I felt a tug on the rope and looked up to see Sean, one of the climbers on my rope team, collapse in front of me, struggling to lift himself back up onto his feet. In a fit of frustration, he kicked his gear sled and punctured a fuel can with his crampon. Diffusing the situation, I clipped Sean’s sled to my harness, strapped his backpack to my chest, picked him up and anchored my rope-team on a safe descent to our last camp before getting flown off the glacier the following day.

Shouldering the load to help the team reach our goal is at the core of who I am. And it fits into Mr. Munger’s third rule for a successful career: don’t sell anything you wouldn’t buy yourself.  Blessed with the awesome responsibility of choosing great partners, we rope up, aim high, and set out to reach our peak.

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