President, When Pigs Fly
James Broom

James is an operating partner at Spur and brings a strong background in sales leadership, business development and acquisition marketing.

Prior to joining Spur, James worked on the sales team at a SAAS start-up venture, was a sales team lead at a commercial financing firm, and founded two different small businesses; an equipment brokerage shop and a digital marketing agency. All of the positions that James has held have been associated with a fast-paced work environment and bringing a group of individuals together to work towards a common goal.

James lives in North Hampton, New Hampshire with his wife Madeleine and their daughter Josaphine. In his free time he enjoys sleeping (his daughter is 6 months old), wakeboarding, golfing, snowboarding and anything related to New England sports.

"I’m a firm believer that if you invest your time, energy, and resources into the people that make your organization great, you will see immediate dividends. "

Scalability, innovation, perseverance and optimized processes are the main trigger points I’ve learned through my experiences of running businesses and managing teams. Nothing is more gratifying than developing a well-aligned strategy, committing to that strategy through process implementation, and celebrating the results with a motivated and focused team. 

I spent six years at a commercial finance company helping the firm develop and scale a technology based lending solution to expedite the time it took for small businesses to acquire business essential capital. This innovative, technology based platform helped propel us within the fintech industry eventually leading to an acquisition from a larger bank.

After my time in the commercial finance industry, I founded and operated a digital marketing agency focused on providing advertising and online marketing solutions to contractors. Over the lifespan of the business a culture has been created that promotes work-place enthusiasm while producing results that help our clients. Through weathering a number of storms, such as a global pandemic, I’ve learned the importance of adaptability and staying committed to your people. I’m a firm believer that if you invest your time, energy and resources into the people that make your organization great, you will see immediate dividends. 

The SPUR business model is designed to take an already great business to new heights. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with a business in identifying ways we can accelerate the company's growth to get to the next level.

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