CEO, Advanced Classroom Technologies
John Sheffield

John has a passion for helping businesses grow. Joining as the 4th employee to an education services firm, he helped steady operations, raise capital, and acquire a competitor. In the process, he earned the responsibility of COO and Managing Partner and grew to manage a team of 65.  

He joined Spur Acquisitions after receiving his MBA from UC Berkeley and is now seeking to acquire a well-run company and lead it in its next stage of growth.

In July of 2021, John and Spur acquired Advanced Classroom Technologies. John currently serves as CEO and is a member of the Board of Directors.

John is a proud Oregon native. He enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, skiing, golfing, and reading.

"I believe in the power of a well-aligned team."

I believe in the power of a well-aligned team. Through my experiences playing college and "professional" football, and as COO of an educational services company, I saw how setting clear expectations, holding myself and others accountable, empowering others, and celebrating successes could drive powerful results. Our firm's team quadrupled in size and built sustainable infrastructure that not only created value for investors, but brought us closer to achieving our mission of helping young people discover and achieve their dreams.

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