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Our Business Is Helping You Transition Out Of Yours

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Drew Gottenborg

It took a global health pandemic to highlight what’s most important to all of us: good health, family and freedom.  The time we get to spend with family and friends is more valuable than ever. As my wife bravely heads into work each day as a physician at Colorado’s largest Level 1 Trauma Center, our family really appreciates the toll this pandemic is inflicting on a daily basis. Economic turmoil has accompanied the deadly coronavirus, wreaking havoc on millions of American businesses. If you are a Founder/CEO who believes a near-term exit from your company is either out of the question or significantly delayed; talk to us, we want to help.

Spur was created to bring liquidity to Americans who have built a great business, and now want to transition out of the daily operations and see it continue under the guidance of a qualified successor. We revere and understand business builders because that’s who we are. Many of Spur’s Limited Partners have gone through similar transitions, and they will tell you how satisfying it has been to not only spend more time doing the things they love, but also the joy of investing their time and capital in the businesses we acquire. Our Operating Partners are high performing, battle tested executives ready to work with owners on a transition plan that will allow them to depart with dignity and ensure their legacy will thrive in the future.  We were built for moments like this.

Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it. - Benjamin Franklin; Poor Richard, 1736

Now, perhaps more than ever, is the time for business owners to accelerate their plans to exit and enjoy the next chapter. In a time when liquidity is scarce, those that have access to it are liberated to invest their time with close friends and family. Spur exists to provide that freedom and opportunity to business owners.

For all of the business owners reading this, Spur is open for business. We have the capital and proven executives who are ready to assume the full day-to-day responsibilities of the businesses we acquire. And, we have the patience and energy to outlast this economic downturn.

There is no time like the present, let us show you how we can give you the freedom to live for today, the liquidity to secure your tomorrow, and the peace of mind that your legacy is being carried forward.


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