A Refreshing Alternative For Your Business

Not Just A Transaction. A Partnership Built To Last.

Capital + Leadership

SPUR provides founders and owners of closely held businesses the opportunity to get paid for their life's work, and the opportunity to see their legacy grow under new leadership that maintains the same standard of commitment to employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Let's Work Together


We are long-term oriented and dedicated to a prosperous future for your employees, customers, partners, and product. Upon acquisition, an Operating Partner will join your company and assume day-to-day responsibility as CEO.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Spur is a refreshing alternative for business owners with a desire to see their business continue forward under ownership with the same entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to employees, customers, and stakeholders that got it to where it is today.


We offer a unique platform to transition your life's work to the next generation of owner operators, and believe in being productive and responsible stewards of the legacy upon which your business was built.

Financial Reward

Building a business is ridiculously hard. We provide an opportunity to be financially rewarded for the hard work, risk, and dedication you have invested in making your business what it is today.