Our Approach

Not Your Typical Private Equity Firm


Horses, Courses, and Jockeys

The old saying goes: private equity is about horses, courses, and jockeys. The horse is the company, the course is the strategy, and the jockey is the CEO. A typical private equity firm spends all its time searching for the fastest horse (the best business). The jockey is often an afterthought.

We take a different approach. We find the jockey first, then work together to find a great horse and set the course. SPUR's CEOs are reliable, decisive, gritty leaders who are equally comfortable in the boardroom and on the front line. They understand that respect must be earned every day, and that success is more than just a financial outcome.

We believe when the right jockey takes the reins of the horse they were meant to ride, good things are bound to happen.

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Investment Criteria

We seek enduring, profitable businesses with the following characteristics:
  • Privately Held & Founder Owned
  • $1-10 Million Free Cash Flow
  • Recurring Revenue & Low Customer Concentration
  • Excellent Reputation in a Growing Market
  • Strong Management Team
  • Defensible Value Proposition